Tomáš Neuwirth

Country: Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Tomáš Neuwirth is international award-winning photographer that specializes in drone photography. He was born on the 22 of July 1972 in Rýmařov in the Czech Republic. A major milestone in his life was the year 1995, when he began to devote himself to paragliding. As a pilot, he was fascinated by taking pictures of the bird's eye, then still on the 35mm film camera. The following year, he moved to the USA. But his stay here after three and a half years ended the paragliding incident and with serious injuries of the spine he returned to the Czech Republic. He then spent eight months in a sanatorium, learned not only to walk again, but also met his future wife Gabriela. The acquisition of aerial footage continued to attract him. With the advent of unmanned technologies, new possibilities were opened. His first dron he folded in 2011, it was a kit. However, the desired shots were made by commercially produced drones in the following years.

Presently, Tomáš is actively engaged in professional drone and classic photography. By selecting unusual locations and fully utilising post-production processing, he is shifting drone photography to next level. From landscape to field of fine art. He is one of only two Czech photographers ever to have won the gold award twice in a row in the MIFA / Moscow International Fotography Awards (2019, 2020). And the only Czech photographer ever to be a finalist in the All About Photo Awards (2020). Tomáš's pictures have been exhibited in many countries in addition to Europe, including Mexico, Japan, South Korea or United Arab Emirates. The Paris online gallery Singulart has included his photographs in its curatorial selection srepeatedly. In 2019 he was nominated for the Personality of Czech Photography.