Zdeněk Vošický

Country: Czech Republic 🇨🇿

I was born in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and I spent my childhood in a romantic manner partly at the Chotěboř Airfield, because both my parents were sport pilots, and partly at a lonely remote little hut with no electricity and tap water. As a young boy I used to fetch water from a little spring at about one hundred and fifty meters from the hut. This was the moment when the cards of my life were dealt. I used to be at home in an aircraft and I began to fly as well. Yet the airfield regime was too harnessing me and finally I, also due to irresistible love to mother nature, started to hike in the mountains and fly over them piloting a hang-glider. Such a feeling of freedom and adventure, from time to time even a curious bird of prey joined me, cannot be described, one must just live and experience it. Then I experienced one-in-a-lifetime moments of thrill in the darkroom. However, even then my fate turned the other way and I started to dedicate my time to amateur cinema. My films from flying and mountain hikes acquired certain awards and prizes. Among them I appreciate much the Barrandov Studios Award and two nominations at the prestigeous International Mountaneering Film Festival. Over some time, photography won in the end. Several years I dedicated almost exclusively to air photography, which also used to be a great adventure before the drons arrived. My air photographs resulted in five books published and one of them was awarded the grand prize at 21. Autumn Book Fair in 2011. At present, I have got back landed, because the drons do not give me much fulfilment, and I have been preparing documents for my sixth book made of combined air and land photographs. In order to mention some of my photographic successes they are the first prizes in the national competition of Bystřice Reflections (Bystřická zrcadlení), second prize in the national round of the EISA Photography Maestro, three images among the winning photographs and two nominations in the Nikon Calendar competition, Sony World Photography Awards, the first prize in the national competition of CEWE Travelling around Tchequia, CEWE Photo Awards, Nature TTL and Monovision Photography Awards. Thanks to the beloved family for all the successes.