Aleš Komovec

Country: Slovenia 🇸🇮

I'm an amateur photographer born in 1969, based in Kranj, Slovenia. I started photography more seriously in 2006 when I bought myself first DSLR camera Olympus E500. I've gathered my knowledge mostly from dedicated photographic websites and advices from other photographers sharing their opinions about my photos on web galleries. When I was a kid my dream was to study at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, but at the end I became a printing artist. Being graphic designer and printer by profession I already possessed some basic knowledge about the composition and harmonic colour combinations. I spent a lot of time in
nature, especially in mountains, I like snowboarding mountain biking and some other sports.
Photography is the main hobby for me. I’m not a pro. It’s all about taking pictures and show them to others in my own style. I use photography as a means to document the world around me. I make pictures that call attention to things that other people overlook. I rarely go out and shot landscape at the middle of the day, early mornings and evenings are more suitable for that, but sometimes you need a lot of light, especially at sports photography. At the beginning I was especially mesmerized by macro world, but lately I am more focused on landscape. But I am not merely landscape photographer since I am uniquely inspired by other photo genres as well.