Who can Participate?

Entries are open worldwide and photographs from any aerial platform are welcome.

How do I enter?

Click on “Enter Now”. You will be asked to sign-in and will be brought to your personal profile page. Here is where you can upload your submissions.

Which photos are eligible?

All entries must be aerial photos. Submissions must be single photos. Entrants must guarantee that all information provided is correct and that all photos were taken by themselves. Entries with watermarks are not recommended. Inaccurate information may lead to disqualification.

Are there restrictions on when a photo was taken?

No, there are no time-based restrictions for when a photo was taken.

What size should the images be?

Photos submitted by entrants at least be at least 5 MB in size. The photos should be kept under 15 MB and all submissions are recommended to be no less than 300 dpi.

It is in your best interest to submit your images as hi-res files without excessive compression.

Are there any aspect ratio requirements

No, there aren't any aspect ratio requirements.

May I enter more than once?

There are no limits on the number of entries you can submit. The first image is for free and may be entered across any of the categories. You may enter more images by paying the fee of € 8 for each image.

How much does it cost to enter the drone awards competition?

The Drone Awards are FREE to enter.

How do I know if you received my entries?

You will see all of your successfully uploaded images on your profile page.

When will I know when the final images have been chosen?

We will announce the winners by July 2019.

How will I know if I won an Award?

We will send confirmation emails to winners’ registered email addresses. A confirmation email will include terms that need to be accepted and information that must be provided. Winners are required to reply to confirmation emails during a designated period to accept prizes. Failure to do so will result in automatic waiving of the prize, with the Organizer having sole discretion to award the prize to another Entrant.

Do I keep my copyright?

Each participant owns the copyright of the submitted images. The participant certifies the work as its own. The entrant allows the contest organizers to use, free of charge, the entered images for promotional purposes related to the photo contest, as a catalogue, calendar, and website, unless specifically stated otherwise on the registration form by the participant. No photographs entered for Drone Awards will be offered for sale or used by any of the Drone Awards sponsors for any commercial or another purpose other than for the marketing of Drone Awards, the competition and/or the exhibition and catalogue without the approval of the photographer.

Is judging anonymous?

Yes, we respect the integrity of the photographers and therefore judging is anonymous. Judges will not know the names of any of the entrants.


The participant with the highest scoring image will be endowed the title of “Drone Photographer of the Year 2020”. Also, there will be a winner for each category.

The winners will receive the Pangea Prize christal statuette during the Awards Ceremony which will be held in Siena in October.

The winning images will be showcased in Siena at the "Above us only sky" exhibition.


Drone Photographer of the Year

- € 500,00 worth of photography equipment

- Pangea Prize

- 2 overnight stays in Siena during the weekend of the Award Ceremony and Special Guest at the Gala Dinner

- Showcased at the “Above us only sky” Exhibition

- Advertising on international press and on main online media

- Publication in our online gallery


Drone Category Winner

- Pangea Prize

- Award Ceremony and Special Guest at the Gala Dinner

- Showcased at the “Above us only sky” Exhibition

- Advertising on international press and on main online media

- Publication in our online gallery


The Pangea Prize will only be given to winners attending the Awards Ceremony.

Entry fees

The payment of your Fee to allow you to participate in the photo contest can be made following the instructions given on your personal registration account page. The entry fees are to be paid following the instructions on the website when filling the entry form.
The total number of entries is intended to be distributed freely across the different categories.

Early Bird: all entries registered by May 15th 2020 will favour of the possibility to enter each additional image with € 6,00 instead of € 8,00.
Additional photos can also be uploaded after May 15th 2020, provided that the payment of the registration fee had been processed before that date.



  Fee Fee under 20 y.o.
1 image free free
3 images (including the free one) 20 € free
Each additional image € 8,00 (€ 6,00 if registered by May 15th 2020) € 8,00 (€ 6,00 if registered by May 15th 2020)
Video 35 € 35 €