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1st classified

Bolivia by Motorbike and Drone
by Alex Chacon

One man's solo journey across Bolivia on a motorcycle for 60 days across deserts, jungles, salt flats, rivers and more all filmed alone on a Phantom 4 drone , and piloted solo as well, uniquely while riding the motorbike simultaneously. Alex Chacon is a motorcycle adventure rider...

Runner up

A Different Perspective
by Marcus Möller

I want to show how i see the world, through the lens that is. For two years i've been shooting this project Trying to hit the right whether conditions. Equipment used: DJI INSPIRE 2 with X5s and X7 DJI MAVIC PRO 2 RED EPIC W 5D MARK IV 5D MARK III Rhino 42" S...

Runner up

Europ Trip
by Bachir Moukarzel

My Europe trip during Sipa 2018. All shot with a drone, from Paris to Rome , Florence,Siena , lake Como and Venice. Used a lot of hyper-lapses as well. An unforgettable trip with my wife. hopefully this year we will attend Sipa again. All shot on a Dji drone, mavic 2 pro and e...

Highly commended

Where Is My Mind
by Clay Folden

An abstract aerial requiem of travels and projects through the years. Shot almost all on the Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro. Showcasing locations from Florida, California, Washington DC, Hawaii, Texas, Peru and Mexico. Capturing unique angles and dynamic movement that only afew year...

Highly commended

There is Nothing to Fear
by Kaveh Garmany

A 14-day journey all around Iceland for the 3rd time (in one year) and capturing the BREATHTAKING scenery from both sky and land with both video and photo. More than 11,000 photos and 6 hours of drone footage! Still not enough! You have to breathe Iceland's air to feel it's bea...

Highly commended

Drone Wake Skate
by Mitja Legat

Wakeskater pioneer Brian Grubb takes the sport to the next level with an innovative drone ride. All run on electricty, the technologies by Infineon open up new dimensions in drone speed, power, precision and flight times. Producer: Starelation with Red Bull Media House. Dro...

Highly commended

I am Fragile
by Florian Ledoux

From West Greenland, I have sailed 6 000km over the course of eight weeks to Nunavut to explore and the document the Arctic Wildlife on Devon Island, Bylot Island, Baffin Island, Somerset Island, and the large Lancaster Sound, with a purpose to witness, document and protect....

Highly commended

Not Only Now It's Epic
by Mauro Pagliai

Same place, different time A Travel... without moving. Filmed in Rocca Calascio, Abruzzo. Drone: DJi Phantom 4 Pro Camera: Panasonic GH5 Directed by Mauro Pagliai Produced by Rossella Ballero Compositing by Riccardo Granito Actors: Luca Benedetti, Federica Ballero, Dan...


The Dolomites - Worlds
by Ryan Shirley

Back in August I spent 10 days flying my drone, capturing the beautiful Dolomites of Northern Italy. Literally everywhere I went, I was blown away by the mountains. They were so jagged and powerful, nothing like I'd ever seen before. I hope this video gives you a glimpse at the b...


Skiathos in infrared
by Philip Bloom

Using a modified DJI Mavic 2 Pro with a special filter I was able to capture the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos in a way that it has never been seen before. Infrared cameras capture light and colours differently to traditional cameras, by using this special camera the island...


An Ancient land
by Chris Tangey

The world's largest island and smallest continent. The Australia you normally don't get to see, far from its cities lies the red heart of this land, the ancient outback and its rugged coast. It is a vast landscape, where people and nature live side by side in a sometimes uneasy p...


Antarctica from above
by Scott Portelli

Antarctica is one of the last remaining pristine wilderness on the planet and contains an intricate landscape of ice and snow with a myriad of marine life, wildlife, penguins, whales, seals to name a few. Aerial views of the antarctic peninsula, whales resting on the surface and...


Dubai in Motion
by Bachir Moukarzel

A Hyperlapse video made with drone with the government of Dubai, it shows the vibrant city from a different perspective. it was shot and edited by a mavic 2 pro. we chose the main roads and boats and infrastructure to shoot this video. we chose rushes hours, boats rush hours as w...


Rapeseed fields
by Juan Jesus Zas Espinosa

Fly over the recent grow up rapeseed fields, near by Guadalajara (Spain). This cereal is known for having an amount of yellow blooms that are showed after the initial grow up. The fields has normally geometrical forms, so they combine with the rest of other fields, forming attrac...


by Mauro Pagliai

YUN (云) Is a Chinese word that means ‘cloud’ but also ’to say’. A 100% drone film, dedicated to all dreamers who can’t fall down from the sky, because they learned how to hold the clouds. Directed by Mauro Pagliai, filmed across the sky and the clouds of Central...


Too Fast
by Mauro Pagliai

Time. It's a strange thing. Wait for it. Drone Hyperlapses with a special... guest :) Shot all around central Italy: GranSasso, Amalfi coast, Rome, Albano. Filmed 100% with DJI Mavic 2 Pro except for first shot. Directed by Mauro Pagliai Italian version: https://www.yout...

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