Subrata Dey

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Subrata Dey is a documentary photographer and freelance journalist of USA based ZUMA Press California, works in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is particularly interested in subjects that explore the human kind and environmental issues. Infect these topics are complementary to each other. In such photographic journey once he discovered the power of storytelling through photography of those untold stories of man kind of remotest corners of the world and the cry of nature. He picks up the real life tales and bring them under the light of publication through media. He digs out the stories with elaborate study and research works on the subjects like an insider.

In his sophisticated process he read out mental note of the subjects, colors, and locations in depth that makes his photos timeless & borderless; larger than life. However he loves color. To him colors speak languages. Therefore, unlike many of popular black & white storytellers, we find presence of colors in his works. He loves to mix with different walks of people. He connects with them. People take him more as an insider than an out comer with a grotesque camera machine. It gives him satisfaction.

It is mentionable that Subrata travelled numerous countries. As a mariner in his early life he grossly visited large number of the countries. All these also gave him kaleidoscopic & international experience to work on variety of topics.

He won numerous national and international awards in the field of documentary and Journalism photography:

1. Sony World Photography Awards 2023 Open Competition
2. Category Winner Environment Photographer of the Year (EPOTY) 2022
3. Winner SEANA international drone photo award 2022
4. Earth Photo award & exhibition (IBG) England 2022
5. The Peabody Award and Exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2022.
6. Finalist Environment Photographer of the year (EPOTY) 2021
7. 1st Place winner at “Couse of Climate Change” photography Contest London 2021
9. Finalist SIANA award 2021 Single Category
10. Finalist SIANA award 2020 Portfolio Category
11. Finalist 1st Press photo contest Bangladesh 2021
12. Scored top 10 ALEXIA FOUNDATION documentary contest 2019
13. Scored top 15 IAN PARRY scholarship 2019
14. IPA International Photography Award 2019
15. New York Photo Association Award & Exhibition 2019
16. South Asia center for media in development photography
Award & Exhibition 2019
17. Winner Public Health Photo Contest 2019
(Award & Exhibition)
18. BPS Special jury Award & Exhibition 2019
19. Celebrating life daily star & standard charter photography
Contest Award &Exhibition 2018
20. IAAP Award & Exhibition 2017
21. HIFA -12th annual photo share winner Award 2017
22. VOHH International foto fest – Award & Exhibition 2017
His works published in various national and international journals as well as exhibited
Internationally in various countries.