Subrata Dey

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Subrata Dey is a documentary photographer based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is particularly interested in subjects that explore the human relationship and social calamity. Suddenly I discovered photography’s potential for storytelling and human presence. He is more inclined to take picture of real time assertion as it allows the space for much different interpretation.
Often his photograph are made after elaborate preparation .In his artistic process, he carefully take mental note of the objects, colors, and locations that attract me repeatedly. These elements play a fundamental role in his image making process. This process is psychological and interactive at the same time. He works in color and different color has a different meaning for him. Taking decisions regarding these details are part of his preparation. He thoroughly enjoy this process as he enjoy image making.
He won nearly 30+ national and international award in the field of documentary and journalism photography .
1. Winner Environment Photographer of the year (EPOTY)2021
2. 1st Place winner at “Couse of Climate Change” photography contest London 2021
4. Short listed SIANA award 2021 Single Category
5. Short listed SIANA award 2020 Portfolio Category
6. Finalist 1st Press photo contest Bangladesh 2021 .
7. Scored top 10 ALEXIA FOUNDATION documentary contest 2019
8. Scored top 15 IAN PARRY scholarship 2019
9. IPA International Photography Award 2019
10. New York Photo Association Award & Exhibition 2019
11. South Asia center for media in development photography Award & Exhibition 2019
10. Winner Public Health Photo Contest 2019 (Award & Exhibition)
11. BPS Special jury Award & Exhibition 2019
12. Celebrating life daily star &standard charter photography contest Award & Exhibition 2018
13. IAAP Award & Exhibition 2017
14. HIFA -12th annual photo share winner Award 2017
15. VOHH International foto fest – Award & Exhibition 2017

His work published in various national and international journal also exhibited Internationally in various country.