Jose Ramos

Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

José Ramos is a landscape photographer and doctor from Portugal, currently living in Lisbon. He started his photographic career eighteen years ago, and his images have been published several times in National Geographic printed magazines and many other international photography magazines. His work has been featured on Discovery, The Telegraph, CNN Travel, Sony and others. Beyond image making and teaching, he has also collaborated with many international photography brands, including BenQ, LG, Thinktank, Nisi, FLM, Huawei, Honor, Vivo, Vallerret and others.

His work is sold as fine art prints worldwide and is now also available for sale as exclusive NFTs.

José divides his time between two careers – working as a professional photographer and as a physician specialized in psychiatry. He strongly feels that there is a creative synergy between his work as a photographer and a psychiatrist; the commonalities and differences of each discipline mutually enrich and foster his work.

Conceptually speaking, José very often offers his personal thoughts, experiences and creative or philosophical reflections about his images. In his work, the image creation process is just beginning when he captures his landscapes with the press of a shutter button. This process continues during his selection and final editing of portfolio images, is documented in his own written words, and later is carried on by the reactions, thoughts, and emotions of each person who views the final image. In a way, his audience re-creates the image inside themselves, made unique by their own experiences and viewpoints. For José, his images are intrinsically intended to raise awareness of the natural world and to support protection of the environment. Each image contains embedded concepts, stories, and philosophies, acknowledging both the fragility and the power of Humankind in an ever changing and intensely fascinating world.