Srdjan Vujmilovic

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦

I'm Self-taught /Award-Winning/ Photographer, Artist, & Film-Maker based in Banja Luka - Republika Srpska/Bosnia & Herzegovina, Google Street View Trusted Professional & Google Maps Local Guides Pro, and one of the proud representatives of Canon lovers here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a photographer, I am trained to see nature around me as beautiful as she is, so my 23 laps around Sun made of me a guy who loves taking photos, making videos and spending time with his friends and family, fortunate enough to be able to work on personal passion projects, to travel and collaborate with amazing people.

Photography is something that I love and really enjoy. I wrestle with every shot because I photograph the way it makes me feel. I'm often asked what kind of photography or videos I dedicate myself to, but I find it difficult to confine myself to a label. My philosophy is that an artist is always growing and there is no reason to put limits on the artist's skills. With that in mind, if someone presents an idea, even if it is out of my "comfort zone," I consider it.

Regardless, I do have my personal favorites such as landscape, portrait, abstract and light painting photography as well as making time-lapse videos. I never studied photography in a school or a workshop. I am a self-taught photographer and film-maker, and everything I know, I learned by practicing with my camera in nature and doing a lot of trial and error.

The truth behind every good shot is that you have to make a lot of bad ones and keep trying before you end up with one that's good enough. And that one should be your motivation to never stop and to keep pushing yourself to make even better shots.

So my advice for everyone, whatever you do in your life, no matter how hard it is, even if you are getting bad results one after the other, just never give up.

My work consists of photographing a landscape, fine arts, architecture, portraits, as well as making astrophotography, doing light painting, aerial shots and much much more. On the video side of things, I do filming (both ground and aerial), deal with post-production and make timelapse videos.