Stephan Fürnrohr

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

I take pictures since my early youth, it is my artistic passion, my form of expression. I find my subjects in the domestic and remote nature and in abstract architectural views.
A common thread running through my photographs is that they are not manipulated or arranged, but depict the world as it was seen by me. The abstraction takes place in the perception and in the choice of point of view, image framing and other photographic parameters.

I'm president of the GDT (Society for Nature Photography) and chairman of one of the oldest photo clubs in Germany, the Photographic Society of Regensburg e.V. (est. 1894).
I'm also a member of the Professional Association for Fine Artists (BBK), the Art & Commercial Association Regensburg (Kunst- und Gewerbeverein) and the regional "Artist Group Mosaik".

My Favourite quote about photography: "Fotografie ist Fantasie gewordene Realität" (Robert Edtmaier) which means something like "Photography is reality which has turned to fantasy".