Martin Sanchez

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Also know as ZEKEDRONE in the drone community I was raised in the United States but born in Argentina. My early childhood passion was sports but more fascinating at a even younger age was looking at airplanes and how they took-off and landed from the airports. I eventually wanted to pursue pilot school but when I discovered computer technology in the early 90s my full attention was on creating things on a digital platform. From the early 2000s onward I experimented with many digital applications and creation tools in the digital media space. Surprising photography was not one of them. Not until late 2015 when I discovered drone technology with photography and video capabilities. At first I really didn't know what to do with it. I was really fascinated with just flying it. It probably took approximately one year after when I started experimenting with photographing on a top-down angle perspective. I soon discovered an obsessive approach on how things looked from this point of view. I realized that this was going to take over my new artistic and creation development to a whole new level.

Soon after pushing myself with getting familiar with aerial photography my experimental senses kicked in and I discovered a new photographic art form which I call VISUAL DRONE ART. Its a type of photography art that introduces a visual performance only viewable and appreciated from the top-down angle drone view. I guess if I was going to get into photography one way of showing my style was coming up with something new in this space. For me this is the creative side of drones. Its hard to explain and better visually understood as it becomes more of an illusion when viewed from the drone versus seen with your own eyes at a different angle. Its a mix of minimalism, abstraction and illusion. This new style of photography was later discovered by many photography communities from around the world that eventually I was invited to Abu Dhabi to showcase and do a live demonstration at one of the most prestiges contemporary art museums of modern art at Manarat Al Saadiyat. This was very honorable and I met so many people from around the world.

In the future we will all be pilots.