Mominul islam Momin

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Mominul Islam Momin was born and in brought up in Jamalpur district of Bangladesh in 1981. Completed his study from Jamalpur Government Ashek Mahmud College. Started his professional life as a video journalist in 2002. Currently he is working as a senior video journalist for CHANNEL 24, the most popular news TV channel in Bangladesh. Before that he worked for two more renowned TV channels in Bangladesh.

20 years of career he worked 12 years as a videographer in the news bit of the President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh from 2008 to 2019. He participate several workshops on photography and videography including Associate Press, BBC and Media guru.

He has an utter passion for photography and photography has been his passion. As a photographer, his essential aim is to capture the moments of life and give them significance by making them static in time.He also loves to experiment with his photography. Pink Lady Photo contest 2021 Awards in the World Food Program category.SIENA Drone photo award 2021 Commended Series.