Michele Falzone

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

I've been trying to celebrate the beauty of our World since 2004, dealing with evocative Travel photography for the editorial and commercial market and in parallel to that the architectural interior / real estate business for private clients, architectural firms, and advertising companies in Italy.

My interest for outdoor photography has reached its climax in the last few years with my growing interest for aerial photography and the Real Estate business (I am a certified ENAC / EASA A1/A3 and A2 operator).

This combination of factors (travel/real estate/aerial) has led me to develop the appreciated and unique style which you can see today, distinctively clean and vibrant at the same time as I love to produce crisp, striking and evocative images and sometimes I'm truly obsessed by the technical aspects of my work.

I love colorful, evoking & remote landscapes as well as the rigor and cleanliness of modern and contemporary architecture in urban and natural contexts which I always try to enhance to the maximum through my images.

In the past I have traveled extensively in more than 100 countries worldwide and my images have been published on thousand of books, brochures, magazines and are also regularly licensed by advertising agencies for commercial works.

After almost 15 years spent working as a photographer I've embraced the world of filmmaking in 2016 and I've had the honour to take part to important productions where I've been dealing with either the filming / editing or the direction of specific video clips.