Khanh Phan

Country: Vietnam 🇻🇳

My name is Khanh Phan, I'm 35 years old. I work in a bank. Photography is my passion. I have never attended a photography class and have never learned about post-production. I love this life and I create images from my eyes and my heart.

As a woman, I love this life in my own way. I especially like the photos with the view from above. Vietnam is a beautiful country with hundreds of years old craft villages, beautiful natural landscapes and Vietnamese people who are always diligent in their labor. I like everyday moments, the people in work, and to me the most beautiful person is the person with daily life and their work. Because labor creates value of life, labor creates happiness.

I went around Vietnam, met workers, talked to them, understood what they did and shared with them funny stories. I recorded the moment they worked with the drone. With skilled hands, workers create colorful life pictures that can only be seen from above view. They are like mature architects. And other beautiful images of people with nature.
Vietnam is a beautiful country with a diverse culture. Each region will have many unique cultural features with traditional villages that are hundreds of years old. The Vietnamese people stick to the traditional profession and take it as a way of gratitude to their ancestors. Although the traditional profession is very hard and low-income compared to other modern jobs, the artisans still stick to the profession as flesh and blood and want to pass it on to future generations.