Jonathan Bowles

Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

I started photography while growing up in Africa, using a variety of 35mm film cameras, and had some work published in a BBC book (Okavango, Jewel of the Kalahari). After moving to the UK, photography took a back seat to writing for a few years, until I bought my first dSLR.  As soon as I picked up a camera up again, I wondered why I had ever stopped! Initially I used an Olympus E510, then changed to a Pentax K5. Nowadays I am shooting mainly with Sony cameras; an A7rii, an A7s and an infra-red converted Sony Nex 5N; my initial interest in IR came about from reading accounts of IR being used for reconnaissance photography during World War II. The ability of IR to penetrate haze had obvious implications for my own aerial photography, and I was very keen to try it out. After buying the camera, I soon found I enjoyed IR photography on the ground just as much.  I also use a Ricoh GR, mostly for night aerial images and street photography. My work has been used in advertising, in addition to being published in magazines, text books, and in several newspapers including the Daily Mail,  Mail Online, Metro, and many other newspapers world-wide. My main fields of photography are aerial photography, landscapes, architecture, infra-red photography and a bit of street photography. I also enjoy drone photography and video, and currently have a DJI Mavic Mini.