Alvise Bagagiolo

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Alvise Bagagiolo born on the Venice Lido in 1971, currently living in Favaro in the province of Venice.

Graduated from the Higher Technical School and studied violin and piano at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice. I also attended Psychology at the University of Padua

I currently work as President of the Freedom Onlus Social Health Cooperative, managing a community of psychic disabled in Mestre Venice.

My passions have always been traveling to discover the most beautiful landscapes and photography, to immortalize the breathtaking moments that these landscapes arouse.

A passion that of photography born several years ago which then evolved with the discovery of the use of drones .......

Passionate about landscape photography, I slowly experimented and acquired the skills of photo processing in post production, through some of the most important programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Ligthroom.

The next step was to use drones more and more to take aerial photos and video clips. But a good camera or the most technological of drones is not enough to take beautiful photos; you do not need a retouching program, what I use first of all for my photos is the so-called "photographic eye", that is the ability to analyze before the shot takes place, to see in some way what the photo will look like, then drawing imaginary lines to shots, observe the light and the subject. All in a few seconds then the shot takes place, with the programming of the Drone camera.

As for the photos with the drone, here I rely on experience, because from above it will only be the eye of the camera positioned on the drone that captures the image.

Great attention to detail, depths and perspectives, my landscapes evoke poetry but also power, they make you enter an almost dreamlike world to then make you bounce from one point to the top as if you were flying. Aerial views that seem to expand indefinitely, studied colors and lights, photos that intrigue because only from above you can discover details that you would not see from the ground. All this and much more in my photography, I consider myself an artist who walks this path with passion and with the same curiosity that leads me each time to experiment but also to study to always improve myself.

I recently obtained the ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) Patent as a Drone pilot (S.a.p.r-remote piloted system) at the Mechatron school in San Dona 'di Piave. Patent taken after theoretical and practical examination, the latter held at ALI Carole Ve.

I own several drones. The ones I use the most are Dji Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Spark lightened harmless under 300 grams both Registered to Enac

Among my participations we remember the First prize won at the La Nuova Venezia competition with the photo in the 2018 calendar; production of photos and videos for a motorboat of Roman Abramovich President of Chelsea Football Club; several appearances in the press such as La Nuova di Venezia Mestre - Il Corriere delle Alpi - The morning of Padua - La Tribuna di Treviso and on radio on Radio Venezia; the chance meeting with the singer Cesare Cremonini from which a collaboration and friendship was born.