Andrius Repsys

Country: Lithuania 🇱🇹

I started taking professional photos while working as a forester.I later worked as a photojournalist for a daily newspaper.I have always been fascinated by photography from above.After becoming a member of"Feel the Power of Flight",I tried bungee jumping,parachuting,flying, and racing.The drones provided unlimited opportunities to photograph from above.
I am:Freelance Photographer, Status of an Artist by Ministry of Culture of Lithuania, Board Member of PressPhotographers'Club, Member of Union of Photographic Artists,Board Member of Association of Photographic Artists of Northern Lithuania.
Andrius Repshys' multifaceted activity covers a wide field of photographic activity. He is one of the most active photographers, who has been creatively combining artistic, practical, and business initiatives in the field of photographic art and technology for two decades.
This artist is one of the first in Lithuania to purposefully strive for the mastery of drone photography. Its possibilities have only started being discovered and the boundaries of depiction and themes being expanded. Having previously had experience in aviation photography, Andrius Repsys gives new impulses to drone photography. He refines technique, optics, visual meaning, and seeks meaningful combinations of forms and unexpected sequences as well as thematic cyclicality behind aesthetic beauty.
The fact that Andrius open to innovations are fascinated by the possibilities of drones should not come as a surprise- everyone has always dreamed of seeing the world through the eyes of God, a bird, or a dreamy flight.
This is the beginning of a new art of photography. It will take us a long time to learn to see the world flying head down. Andrius methodically researches various "maps" of nature, architecture, urban spaces, and human mobility. This is his enthusiasm and the constant refinement of sight and thought for different optics of the earth. Most importantly, he does not stop hypnotized by the beauty of the earth from above.
The earth is not only beautiful- it has many paradoxes and hidden meanings. Some of them can only open up from above. It is very important to see them. (art critic Virginijus Kinčinaitis)