Hamid Jamshidian

Country: Iran 🇮🇷

Hamid Jamshidian is a freelance street photographer living in Isfahan, Iran.
A self-taught photographer and Drone pilot;
His works have been published in various books and websites
He has participated in various competitions and won numerous national and international awards such as Winner of Iran National Water Festival 2018,Winner of Iran National Documentary Festival 2020,Commended in Drone Photo Awards 2020 Siena,Photo of the Year World Photographers Club 2020,Fotosport Medal 2020 Spain and...
A large part of Hamid's work is based on form and play of shadows and light, and he tries to use shadows in most of his street photography works.In fact, he loves shadows and photographs people in the form of shadows in the desired places and this way the audience sees the photo space without seeing the subject's face, and this is what he loves.