Mustafa Binol

Country: Turkey 🇹🇷

Born in Konya Seydişehir in 1975, he is married and has three children.
Photography started in 2006
In 2009, he started to participate in national and international competitions.

In 2010, on behalf of Turkey's culture and promotion
New York and Los Angeles in the United States
He participated in the exhibitions held in the cities with his photographs.

In 2011, he became the Photo Editor of the Education Line Magazine.
In 2012, he started to write art articles in Konya Postası newspaper.
In 2013, he was deemed worthy of National Geographic Turkey's prestigious award.

2013 Started to Give Photography Education in Vocational Courses.
More than 1000 trainees by 2020, 200 people advanced level
He gave courses and contributed to the training of many photographers.

Between 2013 -2014 -2015 -2016, Konya Metropolitan Municipality
With his support, he opened 5 photography books and nearly 10 exhibitions for his trainees.
She also curated these works.
2014 FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) was awarded the title of Artist.
In 2014, he curated photography projects for KBB (Konya Metropolitan Municipality) and some agencies.
In 2015, he organized a photography safari and competition for Ilgın Municipality.

In 2016, he held his first solo exhibition (With Love) at the Multikulturor Festival.
opened in Berat, Albania.
As a guest of Macedonian Photographers Association in 2016
He contributed with 10 works to the exhibition '10 Authors - 10 Motifs' in Double Hamam in Skopje.

He founded the Anatolian Seljuk Photography Association in 2016 and
He is still chairman of the board.
In 2017, he opened his second national and international solo exhibition in Mardin.
Establishment of Larende Photography Association in Karaman province in 2017
contributed and became a founding member.

Within the framework of Şeb-i Arus activities in December 2017
He opened his third personal exhibition in Konya
He opened his fourth solo exhibition in Bursa in 2018.
Photo editor in Corner Bucak World magazine in 2018,
He has been the Editor-in-Chief as of the last quarter of 2020.
In addition to photography projects, competitions and trainings, he acts as a jury.