Suzanne Nelson

Country: Australia 🇦🇺

My name is Suzanne Nelson and I live on the Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia. I am on a long and winding journey of creative discovery, a pathway to the unknown……a pathway to explore and experience, a pathway to embrace what is found, a pathway of great learning and stimulation, a pathway to soothe my soul. I was born to create - that is my happy place. It is only there, when I linger in that place, that I am reminded of all that I truly am. Through my photography, illustrations and other artistic pursuits, I aim to bring to life, detail that is often overlooked or ignored. I feel that once I begin to give my attention to these finer details, inner peace is achieved…..the beauty and pain of my world quietens, whilst I chase the need for perfection. My portrait illustrations are an exploration in texture, capturing the detail portrayed through the longevity and hardship of life.
I love the excitement of travel, experiencing new cultures, new destinations and the gathering of new photographic and artistic inspiration along the way. My photography has many layers and whilst I settle on no particular genre, it remains an exciting journey. Some works are an exploration of time and place through layered visual experiences portraying the essence of moments, feelings and unique culture. Some of my works are purely reflective of what is before me in a given moment. Others are driven by imagination, moods and the need to create, to experiment, to learn and to grow.