Marek Biegalski

Country: Ireland 🇮🇪

I'm commercial, portrait and nature/landscapes photographer. Born in Poland in the early ’70s, I have moved to Ireland in 2006. I’m a self-thought photographer. My work captures sublime moments of light and surrounding, which is a result of meticulous planning and preparation. I’m looking out for patterns within the landscape and the hidden link between reality and the imagination. I am currently living in Skerries, County Dublin. I do work on a variety of corporate/commercial contracts. Currently, collaborate with CANON Ireland. Over the years I organize a series of photographic workshops to Norway, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, France, and Beautiful Ireland. Numbers of my work has been published in several well-known magazines “National Geographic”,”The Times”, “Irish Independent” etc…. I was fortunate to received numbers of worldwide awards, included National Geographic Finalist, HIPA, SIPA, Grand Trierenberg, New York Exhibition, MONOCHROME AWARDS and many more.