Anindita Roy

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Anindita Roy, a self-taught freelance photographer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has completed her education in Fine Arts – major in Graphic Design, from the University of Dhaka. Anindita’s photographic career started in 2016. Photography is more than a passion to her. She captures photographs to visualize a story which gets a final touch through the camera. She loves to convey a message or a specific feeling to the viewer through her photography. While roaming around the rural area, she captures ordinary real life moment and loves to bring a strong emotion to life in the imagery. Though Anindita likes to take all kinds of photographs, making a story using documentary type photographs satisfy her the most. At the same time, she is getting herself confident to capture some wonderful portraits. Her first such story telling portrait titled “Out of Hardship” is the story of three village women who are usually very busy dealing with hardship in their daily life but still, they are happy and enjoy their leisure time. To apply academic knowledge and training to real-world scenario, Anindita is pursuing a Documentary Photography Mentorship program from the Open School of Photography. In her short journey with photography, she does not have an institutional education on photography. “Learn Through Capture” is Anindita’s view and still she is learning through capturing more and more photographs whenever she can. She has already obtained numerous international awards achievements.