Stefan Emanuel

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

I was born in Romania but when I was 9 my family moved to Italy so I grew up there. I few years ago I moved to Norway to work for a worldwide non profit organisation (YWAM) as a volunteer.
I have many passions as music (I play the saxophone), hiking, traveling, reading, painting, graphic design, videography but when I was a teenager a fell in love with photography and this is my main passion.
I'm a photographer and I love visual arts , I love to draw with the light and to learn everyday new things. I consider myself a landscape photographer but I worked as wedding photographer for 3 years as a wedding photographer and I recently started product photography. Being creative in many ways is my life about!

Professional experiences:
2015 - 2018 : Wedding photographer.
2018 - today : Photography teacher at the Creative School in YWAM Ålesund (Norway).

Photography Prices:
2012 - 1st place International Artistic Photographers Association in Romania.
2018 - Primo premio concorso fotografico Obiettivo Terra e menzione Turismo sostenibile in Rome , Italy.
2013 - 2019 - Different prices and mentions in Italian local and regional photographic competitions.