Nicolas Pelletier

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

I was always into photography as a kid. I even got a cheap camera about 20 years back, and it was able to do long exposure shots. I remember the satisfaction to see them car light trails on the roads for the first time. What got me back in photography today? A simple birthday gift! About 5 years back, my girlfriend got me a mavic pro (first edition). I then started doing some small videos and taking photos around the family cottage, everyone was impressed. Obviously, drone images were kind of new so it was adding the wow effect. But I realized I had the "eye" of the photographer when I was getting exposure on big social media pages, but also after winning a few major DJI contests. Today, I can say that because of all this adventure, I started my own photo and video company, Optique Video. Who knew that a simple birthday gift would lead me this way.