Pierre Rios

Country: Panama 🇵🇦

Talented producer/director/photographer based out of Panama City, Panama. With over 10 years experience in professional film and photography has made his name with a various major brands. Pierre’s specialties include motion work, commercials, portraits, fashion, food, cars and sports. He is currently executive director for Demencia Corp, a production company based out of Panama.

Since a young age Pierre has had the vision and talent for the world of photography and filming. His passion led him to New Zealand in 2008 where he studied film and then to Bahamas in 2012 where he studied photography along side many of leading photographers from the United States of America including Dixie Dixon, Rob Grimm, Aaron Ace and many more. Here is where he learnt about product photography and advanced his skills for commercial work.

From here he developed a close relationship with "RGGEDU” a company dedicated towards producing the most impactful documentary style tutorials in photography and photoshop to help you build a successful business. He has the privilege to work with RGGEDU across a variety of platforms, developing them a variety of commercial content, working alongside major photographer as Tim Tadder, Rob Grimm and Easton Chang.

Pierre’s talent, passion and vision has been sought by many different famous brands such as RedBull, Subaru, Discovery Channel and Under Armor just to name a few.

Pierre's art direction and view is untouched and unscaled by many. His creativity and innovation is unmatched by others and he believes that creating a piece is not about just creating but about making something last in your memory and for your life instagram permit it.