Dominic Lemoine

Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

I like in the Uk in the heart of Wales, but I am originally from Montreal, Canada.

As artists, we work hard to capture the story of your wedding. We're driven by a feverish goal to get these beautiful images that express themselves in creative, meaningful, exciting, touching and strong ways. We look and actively seek that wonderful moment where everything comes together to create that perfect, natural shot.

Our style is mainly photojournalistic with some fine art thrown into the mix. We're sure that like us you've seen so many of those awkward cheesy posed wedding shots. You're safe here! We avoid this by making even your staged pictures look organic and genuine. We want your photos to tell the true story of your wedding: all about you two, the ones you love and that awesome venue. Beautiful moments happen when you least expect them.

We like our photos to feel natural, effortless and timeless. We want them to evoke emotions and tell a story.