Martin Harvey

Country: South Africa 🇿🇦

Martin Harvey worked for the National Parks in Zimbabwe and Natal Parks Board in South Africa before eventually becoming a professional wildlife and travel photographer and videographer 1993.

Based in Pretoria, South Africa he has photographed in over 50 countries around the world, from the Arctic regions of North America to the deserts of Australia.

His photographs have been published in magazines and books throughout the world and he is frequently commissioned to photograph travel destinations and environmental issues. Being a true conservationist at heart, Martin often donates his pictures to the likes of WWF organizations towards protecting and conserving our critical and endangered species on the planet.

Martin has received numerous photographic awards and commendations in both the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Agfa Wildlife Awards.

He has also spent time capturing rare and endangered species throughout Africa, These have included mountain and lowland gorilla, forest elephant, addax antelope, cranes, lemurs, Ethiopian wolf etc.

In the last two years he has made the change from still pictures to video and now shoots wildlife and also marketing videos for lodges.

His favourite Country to work in is Namibia, its open spaces and the beautiful scenery of the Namib Desert with its cloud formations make for spectacular scenery. His favourite animal is the African elephant.

His other passion is aerial photography, seeing the landscapes from a different perspective and taking clients on helicopter safaris.

Camera equipment used is Canon with lenses ranging from 17mm to 600mm.

Martin Harvey
Mobile: +27 (82) 2950373
Email: [email protected]