Philip Gunkel

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Philip Gunkel is an international professional fine art photographer that is specialized in architecture, commercial and landscape photography. He is born in 1986 in Berlin, Germany where he is still living and working today. Philip made his graduation in Photodesign in 2012 at the Lette-Verein, afterwards he started studying geological sciences at the Freie Universität and also began working as a freelance photographer in Berlin. Even though he works digital most of the times now, he started photography with analog middle and large format cameras, learned how to develop and print in black and white and still loves to use his Hasselblad 500C/M from time to time.

His two main passions are to shoot modern and abstract architecture with a desire to perfectionism and high quality that does justice and reveal the main thoughts of the architects and he feels highly determined to travel the most remote and rugged landscapes of mother earth and to caption the unique and utterly beauty of primordial nature.
Philip is also known for his super wide angle panoramic images up to 360 degrees from majestic mountain landscapes to modern architecture interiors that result in super sharp high resolution prints. He is also recognized for his often graphical looking, minimalistic, partly even abstract aerial images. Recently he also got himself into timelapse cinematography and documentary filming. In between he loves to create personal fine art series of landscapes, cityscapes, or abstracts that leaded into several exhibitions and retail book publications.