Roberto Corinaldesi

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

My passion for images was born as a boy when I took my first steps in the world of analogue photography. Already at the beginning I was attracted to unconventional images, trying to observe hidden aspects in the things I saw. This attitude has evolved to the point that photography is no longer conceived as a means of fixing the images we see, but those we "want" to see. In this sense the vision appears absolutely relative and subjective. It is not the eyes that see but our mind. The camera then becomes only a pretext and an opportunity to give life to forms that are already ancestral present within us. They are given birth to recall very profound feelings and concepts. My work ranges from portrait, to abstract, from art to conceptual to express a strong emotional or simply visual impact.

2020 - Honorable Mention ND Awards architecture with "Snake's Zaha"
2020 - Winner Drone Photo Awards Siena category Sport
2020 - Winner Minimalist Photography Award Category Aerial with "Sur la mer"
2020 - Winner TALK Photography Awards with "Eclipse of a man"
2020 - Winner National Award Italy from Sony World Photography Awards with "Sur la mer"
2020 - Honorable Mention Monovision Photography Award with "Waiting for the waiting Man"
2020 - Honorable Mention Moscow International Foto Awards Category People with "Silent Regrets"
2019 - Honorable Mention Minimalist Photography Award Category Conceptual with "take me with you".
2019 - Honorable Mention Monovision Photography Award with "Mater Mea"
2019 - Nomine Fine Art Photography Award (5th) with "Take Me With You" and " Trascendence"
2018 - Honorable Mention Monochrome Awards Amateur Category Fine Art with "take me with you" and "......waiting......for the waiting man".
2018 - Honorable Mention ND Awards category FineArt other with "Madame Bovary"
2018 - Winner 2st. place winner ND awards category FineArt conceptual with "Waiting......for the waiting man"
2018 - Commended on Urban Street Trieste Photodays 2018
2018 - Commended on Sony World Photography Award Open Competition with "Eclipse Man"
2018 - Nominee 4th Fine Art Photography Award with "Eclipse Man" & "Riskiness"
2017 - Honorable Mention Ipoty with "CutOff"
2017 - Honorable Mention Monochrome Awards Amateur Category Conceptual with "Perahps....." and "Riskiness"