Juan Osorio

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Born in Colombia, Juan Carlos has been a resident and citizen of the United States for more than twenty years. He is full time photographer, artist, art director, lighting tech & retoucher, set designer, location scout, composite artist and producer.

He is currently a National Geographic Contributor for NatGeo Your Shot. His work has been published in National Graphic Magazine, National Geographic Travel Instagram, and NatGeo Your Shot Instagram, and he has had the National Geographic Photo of The Day four times. His work has been featured in a collaborative partnership competition sponsored by the Pulitzer Center and National Geographic.

His work has won international competitions like PDN Celebrations and Ragenfinder's The Portrait and received honorable mention at International Photography Awards. Recently, his work was selected as Best of PhotoVogue from Vogue Italia. His drone photography has been selected for the Smithsonian Annual Photo Competition and also featured by DJI in their Instagram account.

One unifying theme ties Juan Carlos's work: he is a storyteller, in constant search of imagery that connects the audience to nature, earth and sensibilities.