Zay yar Lin

Country: Myanmar 🇲🇲

I was born in Taungdwingyi, Myanmar, a country renowned for its abundance of exquisite locations. Since 2014, my passion for photography has captivated me. While working as a ship's Captain, I dedicate my vacation time to exploring various destinations. My focus lies in documenting people, landscapes, culture, and the connections between them. I am particularly drawn to portraying everyday life, capturing portraits, and preserving cultural heritage—images that convey profound narratives about individuals and the essence of the places they inhabit. My pursuit involves seeking the perfect moment and harnessing the interplay of light to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. As a photographer, my goal is to bear witness to significant moments and chronicle human stories. I firmly believe in the power of photography to capture compelling visual narratives, inspiring positive change in our world. I hold a lifetime membership with the Myanmar Photographic Society and have been honored as the Best Photographer of the Year in Myanmar on two occasions. Over the years, I have achieved numerous national and international accolades, including prestigious awards from Nikon and Sony. My work has graced the pages of esteemed publications like National Geographic Magazine, Digital Camera Magazine, and various international photography books and magazines. Furthermore, I have exhibited my photographs in numerous prestigious exhibitions worldwide. Additionally, I take pleasure in leading photography tours in Myanmar and beyond.