Jose Pesquero gomez

Country: Spain 🇪🇸

Nature has ever been an attraction to me and I found many years ago a real passion in birds’ photography and bird watching. Observation and learning about birds is always an exciting and challenging experience that provided me many special moments.
I have devoted hundreds of hours photographing birds, jointly to other disciplines such as the macro for bugs, plants and fungi, or lately underwater and drone photography.
The nature photographer has a huge variety of inexhaustible thematic lines to be able to express himself. The wide spectrum of subjects and the possibilities of using multiple techniques and gear, provide nature photographer the chance to explore an infinite range of possibilities and allow us to express our own vision of the natural world under a creative way with no limits.
I have always looked for an artistic vision in my images, where the contribution as photographer goes beyond the documentary vision, recreating environments and focusing on the aesthetics of beautiful images.
Some of my images have been awarded at different international nature photo competitions like WPOTY, GDT, Memorial Maria Luisa, National Geographic, Oasis, Narava, Golden Turtle, Asisa, or Kuusamo, among some others, I´ve been awarded as Overall Winner in Montphoto 2017, Photo-Montier 2017 and International Wildbird Photo Competition of Festival de L’Oiseau 2018.
I´ve also taken part as jury member of some International Photo Contests and give some conferences in Spain and The Netherlands.