Ignacio Medem

Country: Spain 🇪🇸

I was born in Madrid in 1962.\r\nAfter visiting the German School in Madrid, I got a Degree in Law and in Business Administration,\r\nI have been managing my own companies for over 33 years.\r\nI Married 30 years ago a Wonderful woman that has given me 3 sons and 1 daughter.\r\nMy toughest work is to find the balance to share my time with my three passions (Family, business and Photography. \r\nAn intelligent wife always helps!\r\n\r\nAt the age of 17 when I got my first NIKON, I started my adventure with the PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD.\r\nIt was not until the digital era started when I decided to dedicate myself to nature photography, focusing mainly on WILDLIFE.\r\nSince then I have been traveling all around the world, searching for different species and appropriate environments.\r\nDefinitely, I love the cold and Arctic environments.\r\nNowadays I’m shooting a lot with the drone and I love the perspectives you can achieve with aerial photography.\r\n\r\n The last prizes that I have been awarded in 2019:\r\n- 2 PHOTOS FINALISTS AT THE FOTOFIO 2019\r\n- CATEGORY WINNER 29 MEMORIAL MARIA LUISA 2019\r\n- HIGHLY COMMENDED ASTERICO 2019\r\n- CATEGORY WINNER SIENA INTERNC. 2019\r\n- HIGHLY COMMENDED GLANZLICHTER 2019- XXX MEMORIAL MARIA LUISA HIGHLY COMMENDED GLANZLICHTER 2020-HIGHLY COMMENDED SIENNA INT. AWARD-HIGHLY COMMENDED