Dmitry Kokh

Country: Russia 🇷🇺

Dmitry Kokh is an IT entrepreneur and a wildlife photographer - specializing in large marine animals.
It all started with a serendipitous underwater shot in 2017, since then his travels have taken him to remote corners of Russia (Kamchatka, the Solovetsky Islands, Baikal, Chukotka), as well as: Antarctica, Norway, the Red Sea, Cuba, Africa, South and Southeast Asia. His passion started in childhood, but it was scuba diving that opened up a whole new curious world, which he continues to explore through his work. The goal is to capture images that reflect energy and full immersion,  focusing on storytelling and bringing awareness of our planet’s natural heritage.
Dmitry is a finalist and recipient of awards like: Nature Photographer of the Year, National Geographic, Ocean Geographic, "The Most Beautiful Country" of the Russian Geographical Society.
He is a regular participant of the Golden Turtle, Primordial Russia, Wild Underwater World, Moscow Dive Show exhibitions. As well as a member of the Union of Wildlife Photographers of Russia.
Dmitry has gained global recognition for his recent photographs of polar bears on Kolyuchin Island that have taken the news and social media by storm.