Daniel Franc

Country: Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Daniel Franc is an internationally recognized fine art and landscape aerial photographer who utilizes drones to create captivating images that explore the connections between internal and external worlds. Through his often minimalist and abstract approach, he invites viewers on a shared expedition through those worlds, uncovering new dimensions and sparking fresh perspectives.

Daniel's photography focuses on three main themes. First, he captures inner worlds, using his photographs to reflect and grasp his own inner universe while allowing viewers to embark on their own introspective journeys. Second, he explores the hidden and undiscovered aspects of the visual world, seeking out unusual perspectives where ordinary worlds connect, collide, and create new universes right in front of our eyes. Finally, his landscape drone photography allows him to reconnect with the natural environment and capture the beauty of landscapes worldwide. By revealing extraordinary patterns, shapes, and color schemes that may go unnoticed from a standard perspective, Daniel's work serves as a bridge between artistic and aesthetic photography.

His work has been presented in two solo exhibitions and in numerous group exhibitions worldwide and recognized by several international photography awards.