Sebastian Bühler

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

My creative environment, which was mainly based in the hip hop subculture of Augsburg, prompted me to deal with the medium of photography in the early 2000s. Through my photography and design studies at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, I was then able to deepen my technical and creative skills. Right from the start of my photographic/artistic work, I tried to develop my own visual language. From my point of view, this is an ongoing process that will never be fully completed for me. However, there are recurring themes in my work that can best be described in the following lines:

The edge of things.
The beauty that is often hidden.
The beauty we are used to overlooking.
Making things visible that we would otherwise not see.
The search for poetry as well as for absurdities.
Everything was already there, but I still try to rediscover everything