Rakesh Pulapa

Country: India 🇮🇳

By Education qualification, i am a computer science engineer but the passion & interest towards Travel & Mother Nature transformed me into a Travel/Aerial photographer.

What started as a hobby later became profession & today it is more of a responsibility wherein it is not just about showcasing the beauty of Nature but about witnessing & educating about the risks ahead of us, to which we all should act immediately to protect & preserve. It is through this Journey, I understand the importance of Coexistence.

Right now I'm on a mission to explore the unexplored. In my case, the first unexplored beauty was in and around my hometown. It is that moment when I understood that the unexplored is always not a flight away but it can sometimes be as close as home. It all started at my hometown & today, I have traveled to various places across Asia & Europe. After 5 years of Journey, Vision remains the same & mission continues...