Alen Tkalcec

Country: Croatia 🇭🇷

Emmy award winning filmmaker from Croatia.
I started with the idea of creating travel videos but it became so much more. Today I'm a proud owner of a Mesmerized Media production company that does all sorts of video projects from tourism films, events, corporate videos, promotional videos, travel, animations, TV commercials, and TV shows. Filmed all around the world: from tourism films all around Croatia to filming a TV show in China, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
I'm proud to say that my work has recently been recognized by tourism film festivals where I won multiple awards for my films. The Real Egypt film has won 6 international awards so far and is currently in top 10 tourism films in the world by CIFFT. Also, the TV "Wander Woman - Slovenia" I filmed and edited for American TV host Ashley Colburn has won an Emmy award this year.