Silvano Paiola

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

I was born in Verona, Italy and I actually live in Valpolicella. Photography enables my eyes to act as a means of reviving my soul, the emotions that are felt in those moments. It is not so much the photographic discipline that charms me, but rather the magic of immortal moment, impressing it for eternity. Since 2010 I have fallen in love with nature and wildlife photography. I traveled around the world, Madagascar, Iceland, Alaska, Yellowstone, Norway, Finland, Australia, Serbia, Slovenia and many other places, to create my reportage.

I really like to tell a story about places that I visit. With my photography I try to share the emotions I get with all people. I have a special feeling for the winter scenario and frozen moments. From 2012 I follow the very first family of wolves on the Italian Eastern Alps after about 150 years. This carried me to produce a video/photo documentary called “5 anni con i Lupi dei Monti Lessini”. My photos have received awards from organizations like National Geographic, Glanzlichter, GDT Nature Photographer of the Year, Siena Awards, NPOTY, BIG Picture and others. My work is also pubblicated in National Geographic, Oasis, Montagne 360 and some other magazine and newspaper. I’ve got the pleasure to see my photos exposed all over my region, like for the exposition at the Natural Museum of Vicenza “Orsi e Foreste” from September 2018 until October 2019. -