Wujiang Zhu

Country: China 🇨🇳

Zhu Wujiang,Female,born in October 1953 and retired in October 2013.Joined the Teaching and Staff Photography Association of Jiangsu University in 2001.In 2013, She entered the second class of the Photography Training Institute of Zhenjiang University for the Elderly and served as a class member.Joined Zhenjiang Photographers Association in January 2016.Joined Jiangsu Photographers Association in January 2017.Became a Member of China Photography Copyright Association in July 2017.In 2019, served as the Vice President of the Photographic Association of Retired Faculty of Jiangsu University.From June to September 2020, she became a student of the provincial promotion class of Beijing Photography Correspondence Academy and won the certificate of outstanding student.From January to April 2021, obtain a certificate of completion.