Simon Heather

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Simon is a British-Japanese designer and illustrator from Brooklyn, New York, who moonlights as an aerial photographer every time he travels across Europe, America, or Asia.

Always on the hunt for rare shots, Simon loves to snap slices of life and the world around us, bringing his images to life through storytelling, and illustration techniques - playing with composites, scale, colour and lighting - to create vibrant and colourful scenes that capture all of our escapist fantasies for travel.

To Simon, seeing the world from above is always exhilarating - discovering surprising patterns and wallpapers in nature, or finding unique angles and perspectives to shoot stunning vistas or citiscapes. Of course it's always fun to fly ‘the bird’, but behind each of his photos, there’s a story and an adventure that took place to achieve it.

Whether it involves chasing the magical lighting of sunrises and sunsets, trailing up and down mountains for optimal vantage points, or droning from speedboats in pursuit of dolphins, the quest for those exceptional shots is what he loves the most.