Salem Alsawafi

Country: United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Salem Sarhan Amer is a beginner photographer from the United Arab Emirates, specifically from Al Ain.
I started photography in 2015 and became a lover of the world of photography and aspire to continue in it and learn it professionally. Since that time (2015) I have not specialized in one type of photography. I am in the process of exploring the wide world of photography to develop myself in it and looking for everything new and different in it.
One of my ambitions is to become a professional soon, God willing
(And that Salem Sarhan has a distinguished name in the world of photography at the local and international levels)..
I participated in many local and international exhibitions and competitions, most notably:
The annual exhibition of the Emirates Photographic Society 2018 in the International Festival of Photography Xposure.
Light horizons exhibition 2018
The Magic of Nature exhibition at the Xposure International Photography Festival 2019.
Al Mada Competition Exhibition 2020
Arab Photographers Union Exhibition 2021
Winning third place in the Palm in the Eyes of the World competition 2019
Winning second place in the Spaces of Noor competition 2019
Winning the HEPA Monthly Summer Axis 2020 competition
Winning first place in the National Geographic "Moments 2020" competition.
Winning first place in the Al Ain Bayoukoum Competition 2021
Winning first place in the competition “This is what the Emirates look like” presented by the Emirates Association for Social Development 2021
Winning the competition Abu Dhabi in the eyes of the people 2021
Second place in our competition through the eyes of creators 2021
Second place in Nafhat Ramadan competition 2021
Third place in the Palm Competition, Sumkoukh and Generosity 2021
Glitter of Hope Exhibition 2021
Winning Photographer of the Year for the Saudi Falcons Club 2021
Third place in the competition to highlight the aesthetics of the Emirate of Ajman 2021
National Geographic magazine exhibition on the occasion of the magazine's 11th anniversary.
Aesthetics of Islamic Architecture Exhibition 2022
Second place in the Palm in the Eyes of the World competition 2022
Winning first place in the Sony International Competition, National Awards category 2022
Second place in the Sharjah Lights competition
Heritage and Photography Forum exhibition 2022
Winning the Bronze Medal in the Great Ramadan Photography Competition "Ramadan in a Picture"