Miles Morgan

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Miles Morgan is an award-winning Landscape Photographer from Denver, Colorado USA. As a commercial airline pilot for almost 30 years, he has spent tens of thousands of hours gathering an aerial perspective of the world. The advent of drone photography combined his passion for flying and photography, and has been a natural fit for Miles.
Miles' father, Hank Morgan, is a successful photojournalist, so there were always had cameras close by, but he never took the time to learn much about them. It wasn’t until April, 2009, that Miles decided that he wanted to try his hand at landscape photography. Very quickly he became hooked and has been working hard to hone skills both in the field and in Photoshop to produce images that are pleasing.
As the father of a 3 year old daughter, Miles is always keen to maximize the time he spends making and viewing images and has developed a critical eye for great composition, luminosity, and color. His passion for photography continues to grow, and he enjoys leading photography workshops and tours so that he can share the photographic experience with others.