David Rouge

Country: Switzerland 🇨🇭

Swiss photographer born in 1973, David Rouge has been travelling the world since the age of 17.
From Australia to Africa, from the equatorial forest to the Arctic ice and the deserts, he’s always attracted to challenging places, trusting his capacity of adaptation. His own way of reconnecting with nature and thus measuring human vulnerability, almost forgotten flaw.

Nominated for several times in the most prestigious international competitions, he is also regularly published in daily or specialized magazines.
He actively collaborates with nature conservation NGOs as well as with several associations.

Fascinated by the animal kingdom and all that nature offers, by indigenous peoples, their simple and authentic way of life, he goes back home amazed and enriched from each of his expeditions.

Between two trips, David Rouge shares his vision of the world through exhibitions and conferences, private and school, as well as during festivals and exhibitions. He also creates and accompanies numerous workshops in Switzerland as well as photo trips to Africa and the Arctic in order to transmit his experience and passion.