Guy Shmueli

Country: Israel 🇮🇱

My name is Guy Shmueli,
I live in KIBUTZ Mishmar Hasharon in Israel, with my wife- Hadas, and our two kids- Uri and Naomi.
I’m an Israeli drone photographer who’s drawn to the vastness of nature, to the beauty of never-ending views, to the earthy face of agriculture. I am awed by the perspective gained from the air.
I head out to nature with the drone: hesitate and linger, prepare the shot, focus and click. Like the Impressionist painters, I document my impression of the passing moment in different seasons and at different times of the day. The photograph is planned with a certain composition in mind, but occasionally the lens picks up an unexpected movement or an interesting occurrence and the moment is captured.
The drone allows photography from a bird's point of view: from heights beyond the reach of our human daily lives.
We get the opportunity to look at the world from above with a fresh aesthetic point of view.
In my professional life I am a social worker and individual and couples therapist. Looking at things from above provides perspective in my therapy work. It helps me to provide context for the challenges I face in my day-to-day work, which requires a great deal of sensitivity.
Seeing the image from an external angle is always helpful in reaching a solution.