Yurii Bobyr

Country: Ukraine 🇺🇦

I am from Ukraine city Kyiv. Since childhood, I dreamed of having an aircraft in control. I was able to realize my dream only at the age of 28 - having bought my first DJI Phantom 3 Standart drone. A couple of minutes after launch, he was on a tree. A couple of days later I completely smashed it and decided that this was not for me. But fate is fate. I started to miss flying and decided to fix my drone. After the repair, I became more scrupulous about it. I found my first clients and realized that I can earn money on this. After all, a job that brings you pleasure is everyone's dream. After 7 years, I became a professional in my field and every time shooting is something new for me.
I love to surprise people and show them our world, its beauty and singularity. Filming is my life. This is what I have dreamed of since childhood.