Udi Goren

Country: Israel 🇮🇱

Udi Goren is an Israel-based travel photographer, video producer, speaker and writer. His work focuses on documenting unique people and places in Israel and around the world.
He's a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in California, where he attended after spending several year traveling the world accompanied by his camera. Therefore, the theme of travel is very present in his work.
Over the years, he has produced, filmed, and edited a number of mini-documentaries for various organizations and created content for major commercial clients.
Goren's photographs have been displayed in several international exhibitions, recognized in Israel's annual photojournalism and nature photography competitions, published in newspapers and books in Israel and around the world, and featured on the global National Geographic channel.
In 2015, he became the first professional still photographer to hike the entire Israel National Trail, leading to the publication of his book, " a journey on the Israel Trail". His photographs from the trail were also featured in National Geographic's "100 hikes of a lifetime" book.
In the past decade, in addition to his photography, Goren has been speaking about photography and his projects, has been writing independently, teaching and leading photo tours in and out of Israel. He also guide tours in Israel as a National Geographic expert.