Rukhiya Mohammed

Country: India 🇮🇳

Hailing from a conservative family of a coastal town in Andhra Pradesh, India, Rukhiya Mohammed is a Software Consultant and her love towards nature has made her a solo traveller, photographer and a drone pilot.

Her love and social consciousness led her to explore the length and breadth of India experiencing its various cultures, traditions and beautiful landscapes.

Her interest in photography made her capture and document the beauty of India. Her photo journal includes people, culture depictions, landscapes, Aerial shots and underwater photographs and video-graphs.

She is also a certified PADI open water diver and that has opened an opportunity to explore under waters.

With years of travelling experience, she is now a responsible traveller who strives for sustainability of environment and conservation of wildlife.

She is a staunch believer that photographing and documenting issues across our nation will help spread the message to a greater audience in an impactful way. And she highlights that this purpose is the reason for her existence.