Keyvan Jafari

Country: Iran 🇮🇷

Keyvan Jafari , He was born on March 1993 in Sari, Iran. He is a freelance photographer ( Photojournalist & Documentary Photographer ) who works in the field of environmental photography.
He believes that when it comes to love, we certainly don’t measure it in time and place.
In addition to love, doing some works needs talent and intelectual background.
Clearly, pusuing a special goal such as art or a particular sport is due to the previous background in person.
Despite all the facts, when it comes to choosing a profession, we usually face various options.
His biggest personal decisions and goals were made in his youth and he chose photography as a job and profession.
A job that is rooted in love and intellectual background.
He asserts that his personal experience tells him to travel deep inside. According to him, the first and best thing is to have a friendly relationship with our feelings. Then a surprise happens because when we give the right answer to our feelings to get to the truth, then others will enjoy the result.
Keyvan Jafari has been selected for numerous national and international photography festivals, some of which will be listed below:

Finalist in Drone Awards 2018

Finalist in UNESCO's "Silk Road and Youth" photography competition 2018

Gold Medal in the monochrome section of the first Arbaeen World Festival by the Iraqi Photography Association 2018

Finalist in Siena international photo awards 2019

Top 10 photos of the Water Integrity Network Photography Competition 2019

Finalist in International Photography Contest Montanha 2019

Bronze Medal in of the 6th International Khayyam Photo Festival in the monochrome section 2019

acceptance of 3 of his photos in the 2nd International Mental Health Photos Festival 2019