Photo © Mariana Rivera

1st classified

Flyage Personal Views
by Mauro Pagliai

This is our FPV reel of 2021. It is just a demostration of what you can do, even photgraphically with this kind of drone. Filmed all around Italy, from north to south, from sea to mountains, from cities to valleys and even inside the Italian Government palace.

Highly commended

by Bastian Brüsecke

This is an Adventure in the air of the arabian deserts. A horizon is the most powerful visual element we can perceive. Maybe you know this feeling when you want to go further and further to the end of the horizon. Especially in deserts I always have this curiosity to know wha...

Highly commended

by Matt Horspool

During a 2019 project to document Holi Festival in India, we spent some time exploring various locations around the country. I was amazed at just how densely packed the urban sprawls were. It was impossible to gain a sense of scale until you view this from the air.

Highly commended

Searching Red
by Henriette Sagfjord

Searching Red is a video shot in Iceland by myself. I went alone, driving around the country, focused on taking pictures and filming for this project. I was fairly new to using a drone, and did the self-potraits whilst hiding my remote. The vision I had in mind was a woman in...

Highly commended

Namibia Expedition via Drone
by Mark Gottlieb

My son, Brendan and I took a two week trip through Namibia. It's a gorgeous country with beautiful landscapes. We spent four months ahead of time getting a permit to use the drone, and it was well worth it. The videos and editing are by both Brendan and myself. A great father...

Highly commended

by Haiyin Lin

Raising and training horses is Tajik people‘s timeless way of life. Wherever in the vast snowfield,there is the silhouette of horsemen. The documentary captured the story of an old horseman, who was the “king of horse-rider” among Tajik, and his grandson,who becomes the new k...

Highly commended

- '2775' -
by Mauro Sciambi

This year the city of Rome turned 2775 years since its birth on April 21, I had the honor of filming my city, every corner, every street it was a deep emotion to film it with my drone.

Highly commended

Iceland - Feel The Elements
by Dronographer .

Iceland - Europe’s most western country. An island, where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet each other. The land of fire and ice, as people like to call it. Located just below the Arctic Circle, it unsurprisingly has to offer a lot of ice indeed - as well as a lot of...


by Chris Tangey

The Australian Outback is at once familiar... yet other-worldly strange. It is a place of stark beauty and empty landscapes, and one of planet Earth's gems. © Chris Tangey. Music Derek Gust under license.


Wachau - The Vibrant Valley
by Dronographer .

The Wachau is a 30 km long region, located in & around the Danube valley between the Lower Austrian cities Melk and Krems an der Donau. Famous for its unique landscape, which earned it the title of UNESCO World Heritage, and only 80 km away from Austria’s capital Vienna, it has b...


The Volcano in the Clouds
by Luis Manuel Vilariño Lopez

Until 20:45 on 19 March 2021, the valley of Geldigadalir was a quiet place in the shadow of Fagradalsfjall. The earth chose that time and date to split open and let molten rock gush out in a breathtaking spectacle. Thousands of earthquakes shook the Reykjanes peninsula in an orch...


Dressed in Green-Australia
by Chris Tangey

Australia is the world's driest continent, yet in winter the Australian Alps hold more snow than all of Switzerland. This vast, rusting-red country also dresses in green. Entirely filmed by drone in the Australian states of Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia as w...


Nature of Korea
by Hojae An

The Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia. I wanted to express the beautiful nature, sea, animals, mountains, and hills of Korea.


The mythical seas
by Romain Barats

this video is about the hidden wonders of 2 regions diametrically opposed. The first part concerns the sea of Okhotsk, where Shantar island are located. it's the foggiest place on Earth. There, a small population of the very elusive bowhead whale who uses to live farther north c...