Photo © Simon Heather

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Why I Travel The World Alone
by Bashir Abu Shakra

4 years ago, I started my solo-journey to capture the most beautiful and remote landscapes on earth starting from the Alps then Brazil and Mongolia. The first time I heard the music used 2 years ago, I was instantly touched and inspired, but I realized how challenging it is to de...

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The Year of Adventures
by Alen Tkalcec

Embarking on a journey to capture the beauty and diversity of our world has been a lifelong passion of mine. Last year, I was fortunate enough to explore some of the most incredible corners of the planet, from the Arctic Circle to breathtaking natural wonders and even lesser-know...

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'The Stars of Rome'
by Mauro Sciambi

nel video, come sempre, la bellezza di roma, ma in particolare ho voluto rendere omaggio ai cosiddetti nemici dei droni, i gabbiani ahah, che rendono fantastica ogni immagine con il loro volo e le loro sagome.

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Ho Chi Minh city from above
by Cuong Nguyen Dang Viet

Ho Chi Minh City is an important economic, cultural, educational, scientific and technological center of Vietnam. With the continuous development of socio-economic, in recent years, the city's appearance has not stopped changing. Looking from above, we can't help but be surprised...

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the mythical seas
by Romain Barats

This video is composed of two parts. The first one is about the very elusive bowhead whale in the Okhotsk sea that can barely be approached by paddle - the second one is about the super rich wildlife of the sea of Cortez

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by Pavle Kaplanec

The film Jordan was filmed during a seven-day trip at the end of November 2021, and was completed in May 2022. The locations shown are Amman, Petra and the Wadi Rum desert. The goal of filming is to show all the beauty and natural resources that this country has to offer. To in...

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by Chris Tangey

Three species of raptors in Australia are said to have the ability to pick up flaming sticks to drop them further away, this lights new fires and flushes out even more prey. This hunting method is yet to be captured on camera but Aboriginal people have always known them as "fir...

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Freedom Takes Flight
by Phil Copithorne

Summer in Alberta, Canada is where freedom takes flight. Filmed and launched during the pandemic to an audience that was yearning for the end of lockdowns, this FPV drone concept gave travellers an energizing and liberating perspective of the people, places and landscapes that ha...

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Cumbre Vieja
by Check My Dream

In November 2021, after having watched the rare aerial videos available, I decided to embark on what was going to be the most committed aerial project that I had ever done. After a 24 hour journey to reach the island closed to air traffic because of volcanic ash, I woke up in a s...


DOXA - The Lake & The Mist
by Nestoras Kechagias

Created by: Nestoras Kechagias & Athanasia Lykoudi @invasla Filmed Equipment: Drone: DJI Mavic 2 Pro Time Lapses: Sony a7s iii Handheld Shots: Lumix G90 Location: Lake Doxa, Corinthia, Greece October 2021


by Julen Irizar

Dreamy landscapes, autumnal colors and their magical lights, unbeatable company... and a drone in the backpack. There are plenty of incentives to repeat the trip, but just in case, we immortalize it from a bird's eye view, as if flying in dreams we would return earlier to those l...


Hong Kong Geopark
by Kelvin Yuen

I implemented a plan that is exceptionally meticulous and uneconomical, especially to the fast-food culture of Hong Kong. I spent two years, regardless of all cost and efforts, determined to present the most stunning gorgeous aspect of the Geopark through a series of videos. And...


Iceland, the Soul of the Earth
by Stas Bartnikas

As an aerial photographer I’ve been flying over dozens of countries searching their natural places of power. Thanks to my gift of feeling and transmitting the energies of such places, my photos become literally energy imprints of our planet. And since I have a lot of experie...


Paolovisuals Aerial Reel 2022
by Paolo Damiano Dolce

Drone reel with my best aerial footage of 2022. The reel features a mix of action and sport, music videos and short movies, landscapes and documentaries, promotional videos and weddings footage.


Escape into the alps
by Valentin Blüml

Join me on this visual journey through the Austrian Alps, as I pay homage to the inspiring landscapes that have brought me joy and strength through the years. This short film is a reminder that nature is a source of inspiration, and that we must cherish and protect it for generat...


My Australia
by Chris Tangey

Aerial Cinematographer Chris Tangey left Australia's cities forever over 30 years ago. Here are some of the beautiful places he now lives with every day.